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Those with neuromuscular disorders or arthritis may find it extremely challenging to stand up from a seated position. One of the greatest and simplest ways to guarantee that you can always stand unaided is to invest in a lift chair. There are numerous types that are extremely reasonable, and by using a few tricks, you can reduce the cost of your lift chair.


Pre-owned lift chairs


Similar with other things, you may find used lift chairs for sale in the classifieds and buy a used chair directly from a seller. Yet it is rarely the best option. You are almost always purchasing a chair that has seen heavy usage, is no longer covered by a warranty, and is probably soiled and worn. Also, as most of these recliners are heavy and awkward-looking, moving the chair by oneself might be a difficult process.


Internet shopping


The greatest method to save money and guarantee that your lift chair will last for many years is to buy one online. You will be assured that you will never be left sitting without assistance because the chair will be covered by a comprehensive warranty. The majority of internet retailers may provide excellent discounts on the chairs, and they are typically considerably less expensive than if you were to purchase it from a conventional brick and mortar store. You may save a lot of money by shopping around, and the majority of online retailers have a call center that is available 24 hours a day to assist with inquiries or to help you choose the best lift chair for your needs.

You won’t need to rent a truck or pay expensive shipping costs because reputable internet merchants offer free shipment on all lift chairs. They provide what is typically referred to as the White Glove Service for a small surcharge. The firm will come and set up the chair and take away any packaging materials if you choose the White Glove Service. This is useful if you’re buying a chair for a distant relative or friend or if you’re having trouble locating the best spot to use your chair. If you choose to employ this service, they will also show you how to operate the chair.


Choosing the Proper Features


Choosing the characteristics you need and want for a lift chair will help you save a lot of money. To determine the right size lift chair to buy, you should measure one of your current chairs or recliners. You can make sure that you buy a chair that will be comfortable and suit you properly by measuring the seat’s width, height, and depth.

Selecting the proper placement is also crucial. There are three different levels of recline for lift chairs. TV Reclining or 2-position lift chairs recline by around 45 degrees into a comfortable viewing posture. Lift chairs with three positions may recline to a nearly horizontal sleeping posture. While infinite position lift chairs can also recline to a position that is nearly horizontal for sleeping, they differ from conventional lift chairs in that the footrest and backrest can be adjusted independently.

The least costly lift chairs often have only two positions and do not fully recline. The cost of infinite position lift chairs tends to be slightly higher than that of three position lift chairs, which are in the center. A great feature that increases comfort and can be useful if you need to keep your foot at a particular angle is the ability of the footrest and backrest to move independently. However, because they recline as far back as a 3 position chair does, you may want to think about getting a 3 position lift instead.

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