Marriage: Serving one another strengthens your bond



Part One of the Keys to Marriage Series


People frequently believe that improving their relationship with their spouse or spending more quality time together will automatically fix their marriage. Perhaps it is the vacation you have been postponing due to work commitments or your children’s hobbies. If there is lack of bond between you and your wife, you will feel like i think i hate my wife.

It’s possible that you and your spouse have grown to hate one another over time, making the lack of love you experience from them shocking. Your marriage is in serious peril if the closest you and your partner ever get is when you kiss good night. Do not give up because there is still hope and you can save your marriage by making one small adjustment in your own life that will put you both back on the correct path.

An attitude of servitude is among the most crucial elements of a successful marriage. In our “What’s in it for me?” culture, putting the needs of others before one’s own is almost never encouraged. However, if all you do in your marriage is ask that question, you will trample all over the person you say you love in search of your own happiness. That isn’t love. That is being egotistical and greedy.

Instead, turn the question around and consider “what’s in it for them?”


It is more crucial that you understand that you are committing to serving your spouse in a way that uplifts them, inspires them to dream big, keeps them grounded in reality, and supports their wellbeing, among other things, so that they can be better by your love.

By doing this, you allow them to see the beauty of your spouse and empower them to be their best selves because they are confident in your ability to support them through life. However, this service is not for the weak of heart. Serving may not immediately reap benefits. NEVER make your partner feel guilty for what you did for them by holding it over their head.

The concept of a “Love Bank” simply strains the union. Make a deliberate effort to look for ways to assist your spouse in ways they will value if your marriage is having trouble. Your marriage can be at risk if you say i think i hate my wife.

Perhaps you both agree to participate for that unpleasant household task? Perhaps it’s spending time on their interests, even if you don’t enjoy it, or perhaps it’s a surprise foot or shoulder massage. I promise that over time, you’ll see fantastic results if you serve your husband meaningfully without expecting anything in return. You know your spouse better than you realize.

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